Episode 54: New venture fund, Web3, Zillow vs Opendoor, and questions answered

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Australian Financial Review

Australian Financial Review

Hello all, Tom Richardson at the Australian Financial Review featured us in an article available online here. Hope you’ve had an…

Michael Frazis

Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner

This Weeks Guest.

Robert Stretch, MD


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0:58 Launch of our Venture Fund
3:04 The benefits of pre-IPO access and our investment in Camplify
4:58 Private access to fast growing companies like Mawson Infrastructure
6:05 Zillow’s shrinking growth model
11:05 Comparative management decisions between Opendoor and Zillow
15:54 More on Zillow’s travails and management
17:29 The importance of customer love – Tesla
18:25 Tesla valuation thoughts
19:16 The NFT and crypto revolution
23:40 How crypto is transforming how games are played
27:48 Facebook’s lame Metaverse
29:53 The exciting prospects of games like Star Atlas
30:55 Our thoughts on Pinduoduo and Coupang
31:47 Chinese capital controls and its effects on FUTU and TIGR
33:44 What we like about Solana
34:24 The investment bank of the crypto world – Galaxy
35:50 Value in holding crypto companies – Voyager Digital
36:30 Question: Would love to here your thoughts on FUTU?
37:03 Question: What’s the upside of Tesla’s valuation?
38:17 Question: Thoughts on great resignation and how work is changing?
39:40 Question: What are your thoughts on Zoom?
40:00 Question: Do you like Sandbox over MANA?
40:20 Question: Opening fund for retail?
40:28 Question: Thoughts on Paradigm Pharma?
42:00 Question: What are your thoughts on Chegg?
44:00 Question: What are your thoughts on Allbirds?
44:18 Question: Thoughts on inflation?
45:10 Question: Thoughts onIris energy?
46:30 Question: CBA and crypto trading?
48:35 Question: What is the global gaming TAM and growth rate?
50:17 Criminal coins

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