Episode 41: Where to next? SPACs, rising interest rates and tech stocks

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Australian Financial Review

Australian Financial Review

Hello all, Tom Richardson at the Australian Financial Review featured us in an article available online here. Hope you’ve had an…

Michael Frazis

Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner

This Weeks Guest.

Robert Stretch, MD


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Michael Frazis gives an update on SPACs, rising interest rates, tech valuations and what might happen next.

 1:35 – Quick review of 2021 
 2:30 – Thoughts on Cathie Wood and ARK
 3:59 – Expansions and contractions in software multiples
 7:40 – Snowflake 
 8:47 – SPACs: why we like them and why they’re dangerous (hint: the same reason)
12:02 – Why we hope SPACs encourage leading tech firms to list sooner
14:21 – Dodgy forecasts
16:51 – Why we rule out most SPACs in the fund
18:00 – Navigating rising interest rates 
22:33 – The recent sell-off
24:32 – How we look at market rotations
26:46 – Coupang IPO

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