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SALT interview with Rachel Pether

SALT interview with Rachel Pether

Hello all, I recorded the interview above with Rachel Pether from SALT (the alternative investment conference/forum founded by Anthony Scaramucci).

Michael Frazis

Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner

This Weeks Guest.

Robert Stretch, MD


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January 2021 – one of the more amusing weeks of finance. 

0:57 – The short squeeze
2:31 – The reality of Robinhood’s ‘free’ trades
5:08 – The hidden consequences of Hedge Fund strategy
6:51 – How useful is management access?
9:56 – The gamma squeeze
12:15 – How this forced people to rethink how they discuss finance?
13:39 – Is the squeeze squoze?
14:37 – Timing and recovery
15:40 – Our strategy
17:24 – An important dynamic of short interest
19:43 – The true signal of growth
20:32 – How fund managers missed a multidecade trend?
23:00 – A changing guard in allocation decisions

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