Episode 36: Jarred Shein joins us to talk digital health

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SALT interview with Rachel Pether

SALT interview with Rachel Pether

Hello all, I recorded the interview above with Rachel Pether from SALT (the alternative investment conference/forum founded by Anthony Scaramucci).

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Jarred Shein joins us to talk digital health. Jarred has invested in digital health at MH Carnegie and Qure, an Israeli based VC fund. 

0:20 – Introducing Jarred

1:00 – Jarred’s education and background. 

1:45 – Jarred’s studies of nanotechnology, specifically biochemistry 

2:30 – Jarred’s thesis on biosensor devices and how it relates to Startrek

3:55 – End of university job with Macromatix, completely unrelated to biochemistry

5:10 – The early opportunity to pick up distressed medical device assets

6:00 – Australia’s strong position in the world and relatively painless COVID-19 experience make it a great place for global healthcare

8:10 – Australia’s unfortunate lack of a biochemistry talent pool

9:30 – Australia’s amazing history of medical device companies, including Cochlear and Resmed

10:30 – The opportunity to invest in the digital health space in Australia

11:40 – Deep dive into Resmed (RMD:ASX) and its successful pivot to health data revenue

14:40 – The benefits of living and doing business in Australia

16:33 – The rise and rise of telehealth services, silencing industry doubters

18:50 – ‘Ageing in Place’ (getting older comfortably in the environment that you are in) is a really interesting growth space

21:25 – ‘Digital Therapeutics’ (clinically relevant personal solutions) is another compelling growth area (e.g. Propeller Health – a recent Resmed acquisition)

25:00 – Discussion of Click Therapeutics (digital therapeutics solutions for mental health issues)

26:55 – What happens when the 20 year patent life timer ends?

27:50 – Jarred’s thoughts on Livongo (NASDAQ:LVGO), a Frazis Capital position

30:30 – Successful US healthcare business models rely on the US health insurance system

32:00 – The merger between Teladoc (NYSE:TDOC) and LVGO

34:00 – There should be a very tight communication channel between primary care and chronic disease management

35:25 – Do you book a telehealth consultation based on Brand? Doctor? Or Price?

37:30 – Today’s best opportunities in digital health, both listed and unlisted

38:50 – Missed opportunity in American Well (NYSE:AMWL), a hot recent digital health IPO

40:10 – Lots of opportunities in the private space for digital health

40:45 – Early stage Australian digital health companies can only access capital by going public

41:35 – Jarred discusses a compelling Australian microcap digital health opportunity, Hera Med (ASX:HMD)

 43:40 – Jarred introduces an interesting QLD telehealth service provider called Medicine, providing remote primary care services

45:00 – Some problems within the digital health industry – access to capital and talent, commercialising technology

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