Episode 31: Gaming, eSports and chipmakers – Ben Krochmal joins us for a deep dive

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Gaming is one of the more exciting industries in technology right now. We discuss the opportunities and precedents for Twitch and streaming phenomenon. 

Ben also takes us through leading chipmakers like NVDIA. 

0:32 – Long term trends for Nvidia

2:16 – Demand for Nvidia GPU’s in Data centres

3:03 – Use of Nvidia chips for Crypto mining

4:38 – Semiconductors are on the forefront for everything

5:46 – Nvidia compared to other chip makers, AMD and Intel

8:35 – Bitcoin mining economics

9:22 – Technology companies that ‘miss the trend’

10:40 – Moore’s Law and what it means for CPU’s and GPU’s

11:58 – What is the go-to for gamers now?

12:50 – Interesting stocks and opportunities for gaming – the shift to mobile gaming

15:35 – American vs Chinese Mobile games

16:10 – Sea’s mobile game Freefire’s recent success

18:40 – Ben’s experience with mobile gaming 

19:44 – Popularity of the MOBA category specifically League of Legends

21:05 – Online viewership of League of Legends worlds more than 44M concurrent 

22:06 – Streaming as a platform for advertising games (Twitch, Mixer)

24:42 – Reddit gold – 100,000’s donations add up

25:15 – Facebook hate speech fiasco 

26:42 – Radicalisation of people through the Youtube algorithm 

27:52 – TicTok’s censorship and radicalisation 

29:36 – Thoughts on gaming stocks (Activison, EA)

31:04 –  IP conversion from console to Mobile 

31:57 – Hit vs franchise games

34:30 – Microsofts unsuccessful move into the streaming industry 

36:44 – Chinese apps and consumer trends moving to the US 

38:16 – Thoughts on 3D gaming and where gaming will be in 5 years

39:46 – Historical precedence for streaming Chess on Twitch

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