Episode 30: Plug Power, Solaredge, and a market update

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SALT interview with Rachel Pether

SALT interview with Rachel Pether

Hello all, I recorded the interview above with Rachel Pether from SALT (the alternative investment conference/forum founded by Anthony Scaramucci).

Michael Frazis

Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner

This Weeks Guest.

Robert Stretch, MD


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Peter Stevens rejoins us to discuss some of our environmentally friendly investments.

0:30 – The continued dispersion between technology and the rest of the market

0:50 – The successes of Pinduoduo, Carvana and Afterpay

1:28 – Frazis Capital’s successful diversification away from a highly concentrated portfolio

2:33 – Comparing today’s hot tech businesses with the hot auto businesses of the past

3:00 – Michael introduces Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG), a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer and one of the fund’s most exciting holdings

5:00 – Introducing the Frazis Capital Youtube channel

5:50 – Michael introduces Chinese software firm, Kingsoft Corporation (HKG:3888)

7:00 – Peter and Michael discuss the various factors influencing the systematic underpricing of IPOs 

10:10 – Cochlear’s (ASX:COH) lucrative discounted capital raising 

11:35 – The value that Frazis Capital can add to your portfolio

12:40 – Solaredge (NASDAQ:SEDG), an innovative Israeli solar provider and portfolio position

14:40 – ESG investing and the importance of being forward-looking  

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