Episode 24: Coronavirus – what’s going on? Claude joins us to talk about the impact on specific stocks, and we also cover Afterpay’s results

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SALT interview with Rachel Pether

SALT interview with Rachel Pether

Hello all, I recorded the interview above with Rachel Pether from SALT (the alternative investment conference/forum founded by Anthony Scaramucci).

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Robert Stretch, MD


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Three things you didn’t know about the the virus, an Aussie company that stands to benefit, and two in the United States. Afterpay’s results… this was a quick one, but a good one.
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0:50 – Michael gives an update on the underlying science of the latest coronavirus

1:44 – The importance of understanding the spike protein

2:05 – Why the coronavirus is so much more infectious than SARS

3:14 – Claude shares his thoughts on how the spread of the coronavirus may play out

3:30 – Michael discusses the recent coronavirus tests using SARS antibodies

5:02 – Claude reveals his plan of action if Australian coronavirus transmission increases

6:20 – Discussion of Swine Flu

7:30 – The issue with unpredictable virus mutation

9:30 – The effects of temperature on the coronavirus

11:00 – Discussion of Biotron (ASX:BIT), an Australian biotech which could combat coronavirus

11:23 – Claude discusses his position in Teledoc (NYSE:TDOC), a company benefiting from the coronavirus

15:16 – Portfolio performance during sell-offs and the resilience of the healthcare sector

16:50 – Afterpay (ASX:APT) results discussion

21:10 – The coronavirus sell-off, a glitch in the long-term charts

23:00 – How systematic trading in markets exaggerates moves

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