Episode 22: Aussie growth stocks for the next decade? Mike and Claude talk Polynovo, Avita, Audinate, Pro Medicus and Afterpay

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Australian Financial Review

Hello all, Tom Richardson at the Australian Financial Review featured us in an article available online here. Hope you’ve had an…

Michael Frazis

Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner

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Robert Stretch, MD


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Mike and Claude from A Rich Life (https://arichlife.com.au/) talk Australian growth stocks for the next decade. 

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0:38 – Claude’s background and time at Motley Fool
4:30 – Pro Medicus (PME:ASX) recommendation and discussion
6:38 – Claude touches on his investment style
8:08 – Pro Medicus as a platform business rather than just a software business
8:30 – Pro Medicus – the numbers
10:20 – Claude dives into Pro Medicus’ two key revenue streams
11:50 – Michael introduces Alteryx (AYX:NYSE) and accounting standards
14:45 – Claude’s worst mistake (Touchcorp)
17:30 – Claude touches on cognitive errors
18:10 – Michael discusses Afterpay (APT:ASX), comparing it to some US tech investments
19:25 – Afterpay, the YOLO stock?
21:55 – The network effects of Afterpay
22:30 – Consumer behaviour of Afterpay customers
24:38 – Claude introduces Avita Healthcare (AVH:ASX), discussed in Frazis Capital’s previous podcast
26:58 – Avita’s opportunity in vitiligo and skin rejuvenation
29:59 – How to value a company like Avita when there are no conventional cashflows?
32:02 – When should you sell a company like Avita?
35:20 – BARDA’s funding of Polynovo (PNV:ASX) and Avita
37:40 – Claude goes through Audinate (AD8:ASX)
41:55 – Audinate’s financial numbers
45:00 – Audinate’s next 5 years
48:00 – Claude talks about his new project, “A Rich Life”

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