Episode 20: Australian bushfires, and two Aussie companies revolutionising burns treatment

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Australian Financial Review

Hello all, Tom Richardson at the Australian Financial Review featured us in an article available online here. Hope you’ve had an…

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Peter Stevens joins us to discuss Coronavirus and two Aussie burns innovators: Avita and Polynovo.  Find more information about us here: www.fraziscapitalpartners.com And please get in touch if you have questions you’d like us to answer on the podcast, suggestions or feedback. 

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00:28 – Coronavirus, and how to calculate the real mortality rate 

02:20 – The common cold is a coronavirus 

04:18 – Market performance during past pandemics 

05:00 – Why you shouldn’t sell your stocks because of the coronavirus! 

07:00 – Australian bushfiresand two Aussie burns innovators 

07:50 – Introducing Polynovo (ASX:PNV) and how the firm’s improving the existing standard-of-care for serious burns over the incumbent, Integra 

14:40 – Avita (ASX:AVH) 

15:12 – Avita’s RECELL system 

16:16 – How ReCell improves recovery 

17:10 – The opportunity in Vitiligo 

19:12 – Skin grafts 

19:47 – How Avita fits within our focus on customer love 

20:45 – Avita’s opportunity in skin rejuvenation opportunity 

22:40 – Australian life sciences successes of the past 

25:10 – The real value uplift opportunity in life sciences 

26:50 – More customer love! 

27:18 – Avita and Polynovo’s cash situation 

28:40 – Mesoblast 

30:50 – Bitcoin, the life sciences, and tying it all together.

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