Episode 10: Computing with live neurons – Clinicloud founder takes us through his latest venture

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In this episode we recorded a fascinating chat with Hon Weng Chong, the founder CC Labs.

Hon Wen first rose to fame as a cofounder of Clinicloud, an innovative medical devices company that won FDA approval.

The firm was originally backed by Tencent and Ping An, and is now developing a new form of computing: instead of using silicon chips, they are growing live self-organising networks of neurons. They’re not simulating neurons, they’re actually growing them.

The technology could be applied to some of the toughest targets in artificial intelligence, and Hon’s plan is to take this one step further, and put the entire computational platform on the cloud, so researchers around the world can run novel, live experiments on CC Lab’s wet infrastructure.

This is cutting edge stuff, so if you want to know more or help in any way please get in touch or reach out to Hon Wen directly. 

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