A new form of computing

Hello everyone,

I had a fascinating chat with Hon Weng Chong, the founder of CC Labs, available on desktop here or iTunes here.

Hon Weng first rose to prominence as a cofounder of Clinicloud, an innovative medical devices company that won FDA approval.

The firm was backed by Tencent and Ping An, and they’re now developing a new form of neural network computing, only instead of simulating the neurons, they’re actually growing them live, allowing them to self-organise, and using novel input/output methods to harness them as computers.

The technology could be applied to problems like blind source separation (ie how to zone into a single speaker in a room full of noisy people).

They’re in the process of raising a $1m funding round, and have received a term sheet for $500k from one of Australia’s top VCs.

The business plan involves putting the entire platform on the cloud, so researchers anywhere can run experiments on their infrastructure.

This is pretty exciting stuff, so if you want to know more or help in any way please get in touch or reach out to Hon Wen directly at hon@cclabs.ai

And feel free to forward on to anyone who might find this interesting!

Hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the week.


More information on CC Labs available here: https://www.cclabs.ai/

and Hon can be found here: linkedin.com/in/hochong https://twitter.com/dr1337

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